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Oct. 2nd, 2009

Hand Drawn

Anniversaries and Family

First grandson's about to turn two, sent a cake over with Cheveyo when he was at the house this morning. He's such a good boy. Wish he'd come about more often, but I knows he's got duties of his own, and cain't stay around just to please his momma.

Kachena's been actin' awful strange lately. Taken to spending most of her time out of the house with that wolf of hers, and acting downright afraid of her own brothers, or at least, like she's hiding something from them. I really wish she'd stick around too, I need her help with the cooking with this big party coming up.

Ain't seen hide nor hair of Onatar in the longest....but he's always been one to go orf by hisself when it ain't convenient for nobody else.

I still got Ahanu and Shir keepin' an eye on Kar. I know who done beat him up, now, it was that tribe of his, probably that good-for-nothin' sister set the whole thing up. My boys can take care of each other, though, and I know Kar would much rather hang about with Cheveyo than the twins, the twins is the ones that is the best at fightin', even with Ahanu's leg gone. Cheveyo's the best at knowin things, but don't know if he'd be too good at protectin' nobody. He and Kar would probably go orf to some library somewhere and talk about books.

Kar can put up with havin' the twins with him until I can figure out how to make sure nobody'll go out and try to beat him up again. What Momma says goes, and that's that.

Refuge's anniversary's coming up too. Got to get some posters put up around the towns to announce it. Hope it goes as well as that pirate party did, think folks had fun there. Got to do lots of cookin'. Really wish Kachena was around to help like she should be...but Fandaleen ain't half bad in the kitchen 'long as I can keep her from tryin' to do any alchemy on the food while we're makin' it. We don't need no more walkin' and talkin' cupcakes, and that damn wedding cake that's roaming the woods outside the house keeps getting bigger and I know them barrels of sugar is disappearing somewhere.

Now...what does I need for the party....

Grocery List
20 Plainstriders, 30 kodo steaks, fishes, berries for punch, Sparklin' cider, juice, and tea for folks what don't drink, purple elf foods for folks that don't eats meat, Wine - plenty of beer already in cellar, eggs, milk, check flour in larder, pet foods for folks what bring pets. Somethin' for the Big Bear. Wonder if I can get somebody to make some music?

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Aug. 28th, 2009

Hand Drawn

They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

It don't make no kind of sense at all.

Well, Flit does seem to be doin' better. Ain't talkin' no fool talk about wanting to die and ain't drinkin' no more, so I guess things is better on that end, so it's a good thing, but it still don't make no sense.

That girl is her daughter what she ain't had yet?

No, no kind of sense at all.  Not that I ever been a real expert on things like that, but I think it'd be enough to confuse someone what was.  Maybe I'll ask Fandaleen or Miss Amria or another one of the scholars to 'splain it to me so's I can wrap my mind around it.

We got Miss Flit started healin' right too...I hated doin' that.  I had to break her to fix her and it goes against every instinct I've got as a healer to do it.  Maybe she can start fightin' again soon, though. That would be good.

Kareth's goin' off on one of them spirit walks he takes.  Jest to the Barrens, though, might run into my Kachena out there.  I tole him to tell that girl to get herself home.  There's some chores I got for her to do here.

Jul. 24th, 2009

Hand Drawn

Let your tears come. Let them water your soul.

We got a new young lady movin' into the Refuge, a Sin'dorei girl, little slip of a thing.  Met up with her in Thunder Bluff last night and she seemed awful sweet.  She's a bookish sort, should fit in right good with Kareth and Miss Fandaleen.  Onatar, too, if he ever decides to show his face about the place again.

Worthless old man....

There was another elf showed up and chatted with us for a while too, seemed a right jolly sort of fella, laughed at my jokes at least.  Kept hittin' hisself on the head, though. Got a little bit worryin'.

Then Miss Flit showed up...poor dear.  She was lookin' for drink....poor thing. I don't know really, what happened to her or why she feels the way she feels, but I wants to take care of her. Nobody should have to feel that way.

I oughtn't've...but I gave her some of that Gorlok drink, and when she fainted we took her inside somewhere safe...I'm sittin' with her right now, poor dear.  I'm gonna have my young'uns take shifts to look after her. She ought not be left alone.

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Jul. 23rd, 2009

Hand Drawn

((Memes: Juni Started it!))

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8. If I do this for you, you must post this on yours.
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Jul. 20th, 2009

Hand Drawn

Adolescence is perhaps nature's way of preparing parents to welcome the empty nest.

Gettin' awful lonely about the place.

Only natural...they ain't my young'uns, jest came to stay a while and then move on to bigger and better things, but I miss havin' 'em about when they's gone.

I dunno...stopped puttin' posters up in the cities, lately. Ain't felt much like it, and that last fella moved in ain't jest a little bit passin' odd. Talara says he's some kinda robot or somethin'. I dunno, looks alive to me, but don't 'xactly act right.  Ain't seen hide nor hair of Onatar lately, neither, and Mira looks to've gone on walkabout somewhere.  Kar's mopin' about all over the place, poor boy.  Told Kachena she needs to go cheer her new brother up, bake him a cake or let him tell her a story or somethin'.  Boy really lights up when he's tellin' stories.

'course, Kachena don't never listen to nothin' I ask her to do, she and that wolf of hers jest wandered off into the woods and now I ain't seen them for days.

Tried fightin' my way through a few things t'other day, didn't do too badly if I do say so my own self, but was awful bruised up after, even with that dear Masamba healin' me 'bout as hard as he could. Gonna have to take a rest... Guess I prob'ly need to keep stayin' to the back, healin',  most of the time, but 'least now I know I can still fight if I gotta go fight at the front.

Kar's gonna have my hide when he finds out, though. Prob'ly with the rest of the boys helpin'.

Jul. 6th, 2009

Hand Drawn

Fire Festival

The party at the end seemed a success, but I think poor Kareth was a bit upset that folks didn't want to hear his stories....and the poor boy didn't need another blow to his confidence right when he started to get it back... 'specially right now, way things is.

Young'uns these days, don't care none about their history...jest want to flit about here and yon as fast as they can get there.

If he's gonna deal with this thing with that ignorant sister of his, he's gonna have to be the strong bull I know he is under all of that.

He's a good boy.  He jest don't seem to know it.

I've decided to try fightin' at the front lines again like I used teh.  Don't rightly know how well it'll work out.  My arthritis don't like that cold air up in Northrend, that's for certain...but sometimes the old bear's the meanest and the toughest one, when they all wakes up from their winter nap, and I'm hopin' that'll hold true for me too. I ain't weak...jest...a little slower and creakier than I used teh be...

Ain't about to stop healin'....but there's a need for both things, and I like bein' able to help when I'm needed.

May. 18th, 2009

Hand Drawn

Friends are the Earth-Mother's way of saying I'm Sorry for giving you blood relatives.

Girl showed up to the campfire, sayin' she was Kar's little sister.

Considerin' how the boy talks about his sisters, I can 'bout believe it. There was a little family resemblance too.  Girl don't half know what she's talkin' about, though, talkin' about how weak and pitiful and dimwitted our Kar is and how we'd kidnapped him against his will and she would take him back to his folks.

Boy gets some strange ideas sometimes, but weak and pitiful he ain't, no matter if he's big or small. Dimwitted and simple, he definitely ain't. He'd give Onatar and Fandaleen a run for their money in the smarts category.

Kinda think it might be amusin' to watch her try to take him against his will, since she's so much weaker than him. Hell, even when I ain't been fightin' in close combat for a long time, I could probably pin the little chit down with one paw. And she don't know her lore, don't know the Earthmother like she should to be a Druid. 

Makes a body wonder what they been teachin' that poor girl. Needs a proper teacher, she do. Mebbe my Kar can be that for her, once he teaches her that he ain't the weak half-wit she'd been led to expect.

Might help the boy, too...I don't normally encourage takin' revenge, but when it can help both sides to do so, maybe it's a good thing. Teach the girl a lesson about respectin' her elders and listenin' to fools, and teach the boy he ain't all them things they convinced him he was.

If she tries to take him and he don't put up a fight, it's a pretty ripe guarantee that there's half an army that'll do the fightin' for him...but much as I'd like to teach that little girl a lesson in manners my own self, this is his fight to fight, and win.

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May. 12th, 2009

Hand Drawn


So...I got a new son.

Proud of him, though he don't realize it. He's a good boy. Worry a bit how the other young'uns'll treat him, but they're good kids too. Lazy sometimes, spoiled....but then, I did the spoilin'.  He and Cheveyo ought to get along well, at least. Got similar tempers. Don't guess I got much to worry about, though, since Kachena's the only one still hangin' about the house.

Wanted to know what he ought to call himself now, whether to take my name, our tribe names... Gave him mine and Kuruk's, a good choice to choose from. Always used Kuruk's myself.  Told him it was a combinin' of the lore, of the stories and histories...not leavin' one for the other.

Hope this does a little to show him jest how much he means to me...to all of us.

Went home after that...made sure the chicken hut was good and secure against that dadgum cobra them Oracles gave me. Onatar's been around and about...the cakes was gone and the plates put back dirty.  I oughta lock him in the outhouse, but it probably wouldn't bother him none, dirty as his room stays.

Ain't seen the other old man about lately, the funny one that's gone senile...Always try to give him a cookie when I see him too.  I hope he ain't wandered off and got hisself hurt...

Mebbe I'll see if Kachena can find him.

May. 7th, 2009

Hand Drawn


Feelin' a lot better...tole Kachena I was goin' to watch the tournament thing and ended up enterin' so's I could show them young'uns how it's done right and proper.  Did have a meetin' with a lawyer fella about makin' sure my affairs was settled proper. Just in case somethin' like that happens again and I don't get better.

....Chryssy and Kareth caught me, though. Girl won't let me get away with nothin' fun, but at least she might not tell Kachena I was fightin'. She just gave me one of her looks what says "I know what you're up to" and stalked off like somethin' bit her on the behind. I got too many damn minders sometimes. I really do. Least she wasn't gonna try to stop me from havin' a little fun.

It gave me a chance to give Kareth the papers, though. Not quite sure what he thought of 'em. Hard to tell what that boy's thinkin' sometimes. Think Kachena was a little resentful when I asked all of 'em about what I was doin', but she's been pretty resentful ever since she moved back in. She agreed to it, though, jest like her brothers, so I'm hopin' they'll welcome the boy if he chooses to sign.

It'd make me proud, it would.

Found Chrysalis after I talked with Kar, and sat and talked with her a while, tole her what I was up to. She was a bit confused about why I was tellin' her, don't quite understand that. She's a sweet girl, and I know she'll take care of things right good. She already does now.

Apr. 29th, 2009

Hand Drawn

Spare the rod, spoil the child.

Maybe the boy's finally got it through his head this little poutin' fit ain't helpin' nobody, much less himself.

Maybe. he'll figure things out and start actin' like a grown bull should.

If he don't, I'll damn well throw him in the sewer again.


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